Body Treatments

Luxury Body Treatment$150
Full body exfoliation with micro-buff body polish, European Rose Mud Wrap and Body Butter massage finish ($75 without massage)
Detoxifying Treatment$150
Dry-brush treatment to increase lymphatic flow and exfoliate skin; Seaweed Body Mud Wrap, Detoxifying essential oil blend and Body Butter Massage Finish ($90 without massage)
Aromatherapy Wrap$65
Surround yourself with essential oils in a warming body wrap. Add it to your massage treatment or experience this aromatic scent-sation alone.
Peppermint Twist Body Wrap$85
Combines peppermint oil with freshly harvested seaweed to stimulate, rejuvenate and purify skin. This slimming body treatment helps contour and firm the body, making it great for cellulite.
Beautiful Back Treatment$100
Exfoliation of back with micro-buff body polish, Black Baltic Mud poultice and Stress Busting massage. ($65 without massage)
Body Polish$65
A popular body treatment that exfoliates and hydrates your skin, leaving it smooth and soft.
Ear Candling$50
Session begins with a hydrogen peroxide cleaning. This process is not only an excellent way to clear the ears and improve hearing, but is also a great way to cleanse the ear canal.


30 min.60 min.90 min.

Our skilled massage therapist will work with you to determine the massage best suited to your needs. A thorough consultation is conducted at the beginning of your service. If it is your first massage service with us, please arrive early to complete medical history information.

Stress Buster$40$70
Target areas that hold stress and tension with this 30-minute back, neck and shoulder massage.
A traditional Western massage using five classic techniques of soft tissue manipulation including stroking, gliding, kneading, compression, friction and vibration.
A full-body massage with extra attention given to the lower back, legs and feet to reduce stress for the mom-to-be. The flow of oxygen, blood and nutrients are increased for both you and your child. Must be past first trimester.
A combination Swedish/deep tissue massage designed to revitalize and awaken the body, mind and spirit. Essential oil blends are customized for your needs and added to your massage to heighten the total massage experience.
Deep Tissue$80$115
A massage technique that focuses on the deeper layer set of muscle tissue and works to reduce chronic patterns of tension in the body.
A massage technique that enhances athletic performance, prevents injuries, increases range of motion and aids in the rehabilitation of injuries.

Massage Add-ons

Infusion Bath$30
Soak your cares away in a luxurious claw foot tub, bathing in herbs and essential oils either before or after your body treatment. We recommend before…a warm bath relaxes and prepares the body and the mind allowing you to get full benefit from your treatment.
Hot Stones$10
Stones of various sizes, shapes and textures are used as massage tools and as a form of thermal therapy.